ielts reading module task 1

    What is IELTS?

    It is an English language test that stands for International English Language Testing system conducted by two giants IDP and British Council. The main obstacle for students is scoring required band score in this language proficiency test. The Band requirement after higher secondary education is overall 6 whereas it is 6.5 for graduates. Despite the fact that there are numerous institutes that provide coaching for IELTS and also claim that they will make student score good band, they fail in their attempts. The basic cause of failure is that these companies are money- oriented and they are not really bothered about students result but of their profits.

    If you are looking for a solution to crack your IELTS with flying colors so that you can conquer your dream of abroad studies, here we have one – ENGLISH MENTOR, Located at SCO 104,105,106 first floor Sec 34-A Chandigarh and also have a branch at leela bhawan Patiala. It is not an institute which runs for money but the core objective is to help students who are struggling for IELTS band. Our institute has a unique set of principles to work where we ensure the customer is served with what he demands. We are governed by ethics and never does anything which is morally incorrect. We have trained faculty members that guide students for IELTS test. The strategies and tactics that we always keep in mind while delivering IELTS classes are as follow

    1. Small batches – it is to ensure the sane and calm atmosphere of the class so that students can concentrate
    2. Individual attention – as students number in each class will be less, it will be good for teacher-student
    bonding that ultimately results in clarifying doubts of each student properly.
    3. Updated material – we make sure that we are providing the latest material for practice in class.
    4. Equal focus on all modules is given so that student can master every single module.
    5. Grammar lessons for weak students to boost up their command over English.
    6. Mock tests are conducted on Saturdays to check their weekly performance.

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