How to improve IELTS Listening

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Listening Test checks listening, reading and writing skills of a candidate. These are the basic tips to keep in mind while taking IELTS Listening Test.

 Don’t take notes
Do not take notes while listening to tape. If you take notes while listening, you will miss the answer. Always remember that the tape will not be played again.

Don’t skip ahead
Use the time wisely which is given to check your answers to look at your spelling. Don’t over think it.

Do not write your listening answers on the answer sheet while you’re listening
You will be given time at the end to transfer your answers. Do not transfer while listening.  

Don’t panic if you don’t understand
Do not panic if you do not understand any word. They are not testing your vocabulary.

Follow the instructions
Follow the instructions carefully. Even if you have prepared in advance but do read all instructions.

Read the directions carefully

 Before taking IELTS listening test, you must know about directions because in exam you can get confused if you do not know where is North or South  especially in maps.

Pay attention to key words

Keywords can help you getting correct answers. Underline keywords so that you can concentrate on what you are listening to.

Use time wisely

 Use time wisely to look at each section. You are given 30 seconds to look at questions per section so use your time

Careful with question order 

You get a table to complete, and sometimes a diagram or chart. The questions will not necessarily go from left to right, so check the sequence carefully otherwise you will get lost and puzzled.

Look at two or three questions at once 

There are few reasons for doing this. Some questions may have the answers close together in single sentence. If you are just looking at only one, you may not know that you missed it. If you are also looking at the next, you will see that it has moved on.

Move on if you have missed the answer 

If you realise that you have missed an answer, quickly forget about it and concentrate on the next ones. You can also guess while transferring your answers to the answer sheet.

Take care with spelling and grammar

Be careful about spellings.  Learn spellings of words before exam.  There are certain list of words which get repeated so practice spelling by doing dictation.

Use British or American spelling

It does not matter that you are using British or American spellings in IELTS test. For example: You can write colour or color.  Both are correct.

Careful with what you write down 

There are chances that speakers in the test will often give an answer but then correct themselves. So the first answer that looks correct may actually be wrong.

Don’t leave answers blank 

There is no penalty for writing the wrong answer so guess if that is possible.

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet carefully 

If you write correct answers in the wrong place on the answer sheet it will be wrong, so make sure you put the answer in the correct place.

Learn to listen and write together 

Practicing your listening skills is important, but in the test you have to write and listen. So you should practice this too before taking exam.


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