How to score more in IELTS Writing?

What can we do to achieve a better score in IELTS writing: IELTS Writing is one of the most crucial modules of the IELTS exam. The majority of the students have some queries regarding how to score more in IELTS Writing? Here are different tips which can help such students to improve in this particular module.  

 Remember 4 Marking Criteria or the parameter for IELTS Writing

  • Task Response: Task response in IELTS Writing means to fulfill the complete task response. The candidate should not go off-topic and write relevant to the topic given.
  • Coherence and Cohesion: It generally means the connectivity and link in between your coming lines, paragraphs, and statements. Also, provide the thesis statement in your upcoming paragraphs.
  • Lexical Resources: In IELTS Writing this means the vocabulary words and synonyms that you choose. You must use a wide variety of meaningful words as vocabulary in your writing to score more.
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy: It is a very crucial parameter that is to be kept in mind while writing. Grammar plays a vital role in the writing module.
How to score more in IELTS Writing

IELTS Writing for Academic Candidates

Task 1 – The word limit for the academic candidates for task 1 in the IELTS Writing Module is 150 words minimum. The time given is 20 minutes for this particular task. 

Your answers must be in the formal style and you should follow a pattern of writing.

The types of question that you can get in your task 1 is a type of report like describe analyze data in one of the following –

  • Bar chart – The bar graph can be in either the form of a horizontal bar or the vertical bar.
  • Line graph – The line graph is all about the graph showing the value or estimation in the form of lines.
  • Table – The table form includes the information in a tabular manner. The table includes rows and columns.
  • Pie chart – The pie chart is a kind of circular chart divided into several sections usually indicating the percentage of the data.  

Diagram or Process – The diagram or process shows the stages of how something works or how it is made.

IELTS Writing for General Candidates

Task 1 – The word limit for the general candidates for task 1 is the same that is 150 words minimum. The time allotted is 20 minutes. It is a letter basically.

 The type of question you can have is to write a letter in one of the following styles. There are three main styles of writing a letter

  • Formal – Informal letter writing, use more and more formal words and it is generally for the official purpose only. For example – we are writing a letter to our boss.
  • Semi-formal – These types of letters are basically used for situations that require a more sensible approach. It is written in a more polite manner as compared to the informal.
  • Informal – These letters are written in the personal fashion and we can write to our family, friends or relatives. In this, no formal approach is required and we can use less formal words to describe.

Task 2 for IELTS Writing

Task 2 in the Writing module of IELTS is the same for academic as well as general candidates. The word limit of it is 250 words minimum. The time duration to complete this task is 40 minutes.

It is common for both which is easy writing.

To ace the IELTS Writing you need to focus on following tips

  • Avoid Informal writing – Make use of more formal words while writing and do not use informal writing.
  • Keep an eye on your word count – Also make sure that your word count should be properly maintained.
  • Write according to the marking criteria – There are a total of four marking criteria that you have to keep in mind while writing your task 2.    
  • The practice is very important – A regular practice can make a huge difference and you can really improve by practicing the daily mock test.
  • Use the right vocabulary and proper usage of synonyms – The lexical resources plays a vital role in your writing and can give you a good score in vocabulary.
  • The response should be according to the question only – The answer to your question should be only relevant according to question and your answer should not be off-topic.
  • Do not forget to maintain the relevancy – The relevancy means that how much you are close to the question of yours answer. Also how much you can relate to the given answer.


Conclusion :

Remember these points while practicing the writing module and you will see the improvement soon. Consider these tips with sincerity and keep practicing regularly.

It is not difficult to score good marks in IELTS writing. The strategies discussed above can lead you to have a good result.

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