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How to Score more in IELTS Listening Module?

How to get high band in IELTS Listening: Let us analyze how one can improve their score in IELTS Listening module

Listening module is also one of the crucial modules that we cannot ignore. It apart from this requires a lot of concentration while practicing this Listening module and also demands a great practice. If we talk about the pattern of the exam then there are a total of four sections in the IELTS Listening module. The total time duration for the module given is 30 minutes and 10 minutes are allotted to transfer all the answers. English Mentor is the best IELTS coaching institution in Chandigarh and Patiala which provides quality education to the students. Also produce quality results.

To become a better IELTS listener you need to focus on some of the important key points.

How to score more in IELTS listening module

How to get high bands in IELTS Listening module?

Things you have to consider while attempting the IELTS listening module are as follows –  

  • Eliminate the basic mistakes – Try to avoid the basic mistakes such as it requires a high concentration. You have to become familiar with each and every type of question.
  • Do not waste time – Whenever you have some free time, you can utilize that precious time in reading all the questions but never sit ideal.
  • Don’t get lost in the audio – Do not take the risk to divert yourself during the audio at any cost. It is very essential to concentrate on the main content you want to search for.
  • Proofreading – As far as this module is concerned, proofreading becomes very vital and at the end. It becomes important to check the spellings.
  • Listen to English regularly and increase your vocabulary – If you do listening regularly then it becomes easier for you to catch the answers quickly.
  • Make practice your habit – Give your time to all the modules equally.
  • Think at least twice before you write your final answer – One of the most crucial points is that you have to check the answers twice before you finally write it. You have to make sure it is precise.
  • Listen and read along – To listen and read simultaneously is a big task but with regular practice, it can be easy.
  • Check accuracy and synonyms – You have to make sure to use the right words and synonyms for all the answers. Always do check the accuracy at the end once. Because the accuracy and the precision of the answer is must.  
  • Just start thinking in English itself as soon as possible – Take some time out and think in English because it can really help you to enhance your creative skills.

These tips will definitely help you to enhance the level as well as improve your valid score in the following IELTS Listening module. The better score in Listening module can also increase your respective overall band score which is beneficial for you. By avoiding such silly mistakes you can really improve yourself in the respective module.      


You can take the help of mock tests and practice daily some listening papers to analyze your own performance level. For best results you can visit English Mentor which is considered as best IELTS coaching institute in Patiala and Chandigarh. This institute focuses on each and every module equally and therefore students get better band score and result. Keep practicing and this will definitely pay you back. All the best !! For more valid information you can visit English Mentor anytime – Chandigarh | Patiala  

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