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How to get high score IELTS Speaking

How to get high score IELTS Speaking:-Some most essential strategies to boost up your IELTS Speaking score Before you read these tips, just go through the parameters on which the respective examiner will grade you –

Tips to get high score  IELTS Speaking

  • Grammar – Grammar is very important part as far as speaking is concerned because while speaking English it plays a crucial role.
  • Fluency and Pronunciation – Examiner also do judge you on the basis of proper fluency and correct pronunciation. Therefore you should speak clearly and additionally must be fluent. Also make sure to avoid pauses as much as possible while speaking.
  • RelevancyThe content particularly in your Cue – Card on any specific topic you speak ought to be relevant and make sure you do not speak anything off topic. Answers should be in the formal speech.
  • Lexical Resources (Vocabulary) – The usage of appropriate words and effective speaking can lead you to get better score IELTS Speaking.
  • Coherence and Cohesion (Connectivity) – The link and connectivity in the formation of your sentences and speaking cue- card is essential.
how to score high and improve in IELTS speaking module
How can you excel your scores in IELTS Speaking module : There are total 3 main parts in IELTS Speaking Module which are categorised as follows PART 1 -Some of the Introductory Questions PART 2 – Cue -Card Topic (You will have to speak for two minutes on a certain topic) PART 3 Some follow up Questions based on only that cue – card   

How to improve your overall IELTS Speaking Score?

  • You should remain calm and patient while answering the questions
    Having patience during the time of speaking and to remain calm is most important so that you do not panic while giving any answer.
  • Include connectors and linkers in your speaking to show the connectivity
    In case of your cue card you need to focus more on the connectors and linkers to show some connectivity between your sentences such as Moreover,Besides this, Furthermore, In addition, Along with this etc.
  • Do not hesitate and never repeat the sentences The foremost point to be noted is that you are not allowed to hesitate or get panic at any moment. You have to remain calm and stay confident throughout.


Avoid saying any kind of slang words

Make sure that you do not use any slang words and make less use of informal words. Keep your entire speaking more in formal speech.

  • Be confident, steady and try best to answer all the upcoming questions Examiner will definitely be judging you on the basis of your confidence level in Speaking module of IELTS. And if you want to really score good then you need to learn something about high confidence.
  • To keep a smile on your face will show your confidence Having a  little smile on your face while speaking to another person shows your effective personality . Therefore it becomes important to carry a smile.
  • Use your own language to express your ideas and opinionYou should have your own words in order to express your ideas and opinions in a better and easy way. As simple as the words you use, the more chance you get to score better.
  • Never leave your answer with one word, give a complete replyIt is recommended that you never should not your answer in a single word, rather you should deliver a complete answer of your question to the examiner for better understanding.
  • Cue card has more weightage so focus on that moreIt is very clear from the format that you need to focus more on Part 2 i.e. cue card. You need to speak on a particular topic for the 2 minutes and it has more value.IELTS Speaking is not an easy module and to score even better in this you have to make a habit to communicate in English as much as possible. This activity will not only increase your confidence but also will definitely make you comfortable with the English language.

Apart from this you can use various synonyms and interesting vocabulary to enhance the level of overall speaking. It can help you to improve your overall band score.

Conclusion – IELTS Speaking module can be improved with a regular practice and that is only possible when you have some guidelines of experts. One such authentic institute to provide you the best of it is English Mentor. It is an IELTS coaching centre located in your own cities that is Patiala and Chandigarh. So whenever you feel like to ask your queries you can certainly visit the institute and certainly can ask about the whole pattern of this exam or IELTS test.

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